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I have being trying for children for 4.5years, 1.5years of that time has been clomid and IVF & ICSI. I have had 2 miscarriages at approx. 7 weeks. Is it me stopping the pregnancy or the soul coming to me? It is a very confusing time because I want children but, know I don't want the same family situation I was raised in (I have very different behaviors to my parents and know I will be different).

Does anyone have an opinion on miscarriage? and/or an opinion on the scientific assistance to have a baby (IVF etc)?

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Hi Walt I have had reiki (a lot of blockage in my solar plexus, but I didn't continue therapy), psychology, flower essence, acupuncture, Chinese medicine.

I have only just found Teal and am going to use some of her techniques on how to heal the emotional body.

I just wanted another persons perspective and might use a channeling councilor to understand my soul self, I am feeling torn between the feeling of wanting 2 different lives (very confusing).

I also listened to Teal's "Dealing with Uncertainty" which calmed some anxiety yesterday.

There is a lot of family stuff, but I thought I have processed it all but maybe not.

I do have family issues divorced family, victim/narcissistic mother, abusive stepfather (emotional, physical abuse to mum, brother and me) schizophrenic bother who just tried to leave earth a few days ago (who I love so much).

I will look at a few therapies of Teals and see how I go.

Thanks heaps for your reply. Namaste.


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