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This is thanks

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I'm just gonna say thanks to you all.

I came to some useful revelations here and I thank you for those.

I seem to be unable to avoid hurting somebody's feelings and I'm tired of trying

Realized this is not a place for one like me so I'm leaving...

Some of you will have a party and I WANT A PIECE OF CAKE!!!!! ??????

Nah I don't eat cake foreal ?

Hope all the shadow work goes well 

Thanks again and have fun ?

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Make me a sandwich!

Other people's feelings are not your business, fool! Yer too raw for them! Too gritty and mean!? Fuck  em'

...some people wanna learn from your hard - ass perspective! Why deprive them because of a few posy-ass-pansies?


I'm just curious.

Pfft, you love cake.

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