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insted of focuing on what is missing ....what should people focus on?

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We should certainly focus on what we have rather than what's missing in the present moment, if that's the end answer you're trying to get. So yes, you should try to see things as " the glass is half full " because it's more optimistic. I personally think we should also focus on things that we might not be able to have right now here on Earth but possible things and experiences we may get as a result of all of the learning and mere experiences we have in our physical lives. Sometimes focusing on what we have in our immediate surroundings just doesn't cut it because those things aren't that great for all of us, and we have to have something to look forward to at times so that we can keep going on in life, like some kind of belief about what happens after we die that has positive intentions for it's believers.

Is there anything else going on that's bothering you? You can message me about it. 

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On 18/07/2016 at 7:39 AM, twisted love said:

i think most people are focused on what is missing correct...but thats not a healthy and happy way to live right? what would be the correct area of focus insted?

There isn't a "correct" but simply "what you need to focus on to get what you want".

As Teal describes it, when something is felt as "missing" then it inevitably points to what is wanted. It's quite elegant actually.

Seeing and acknowledging what's missing is absolutely essential. The point is not to get stuck in this phase and instead move on, when you feel ready, to focusing on the solution. It's a good idea not to just focus on things but mostly on the feelings.

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