Is the power of the people stronger than the people in power?

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If it were to be done, it would probably best be done by crowd-sourcing a sufficient bounty to place on the kidnapping of several high-level and high-probability-of-culpability targets. Once secure, they could be coerced into making a public confession, or at least into identifying further targets. Success with one should yield further enthusiasm for funding. Although it's probably illegal to crowd-source what would be considered an act of terrorism. And I in no way publicly condone this. I am just saying, if action were to be done, that is one method people might end up considering.

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@Akurabis And I wonder why it's "illegal" to do such a thing..~  Time will tell, so let's just do our do and not worry about too much.  That's for somebody else''s story, and their mission.  One day very soon things will surely erupt, skeptics especially will be seeing and experiencing cathargic moments and so on, but also SEE things and this is from the collective supressing what is and specially what is inside themselves.

I've had many experiences with closed minded people who say interesting things that go against their known "nature" many of which are coming from a pure place, sometimes from reflection and showing their true feelings, be it a simple emotion, sorrow, happiness, love, etc.

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