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I have always wanted to be enlightened - from the beggining , at peace with my mind, and tune all bad thoughts and memories, so i will not dawn in the fear, pain and hatred of myself. I ajourned this journey - this journey of life, that was until, I was blessed. I had found spirituality,  given a real reaon to walk. But now as I try opening my heart chakra, I am at endless odds, When I opened it, when I thought I could trust those I loved, they didn't care in the slightest, they were still angry, still ignorant, and still hated me. And still I am at odds with the thiniest of emotions; I feel like am pushed and pulled between love and hate, I don't know what to do.

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It's a testy road.

All we can do is the best we can. It is rewarding. It is. Anything that improves the experience is worth doing. If you can find a way to include your heart feelings with those people you mentioned, acknowledging their current state and understanding, that, too, will be rewarding.

It's okay. You may find that some people turn around. The heart feelings are good in and of themselves, though, all else aside. And in turn, that is what the universe responds to.


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