A quick, simple "How to" article about problem solving

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I'll admit, I am wary of certain tenets of the Law of Attraction as it is commonly taught and believed by many; I do believe that we do create our own reality and experiences in life. I am just not sure to what extent and in exactly what ways this occurs. It seems that the energetic and metaphysical dynamics of it occurs at the quantum level of what is.

But I came across this in my junk email and thought it may actually be worth considering, because if you are having a problem with something or someone, it reminded me that focusing and thinking about that person or problem only lends energy to it/them and amplifies it/them!

So, here's the quick little article about how to solve problems the LoA way, by Andrea Schulman:


Do you know how to solve a problem with the Law of Attraction?

It's actually pretty easy.  All you have to do is ask, and let go.

The typical human strategy to problem solving is to think about the problem.  To strategize, to discuss, to write pros and cons lists. However, thinking about our problems only amplifies the "problem!"

So, the next time you're not sure how to solve a problem at work, the next time you're in conflict with a friend or the next time you've lost something you can't find, try this instead:

Ask the universe for assistance, and then let go.

For example: "Please help me find this thing I've lost" or "please help me resolve this issue at work." 

Then, drop the subject, occupy yourself with other things and get back to living your life.  Let the answers you seek come to you.


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