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Less sections = more interractions!


Having lots of sections is suited to a message board with a high population. When there are less people, the more sections means less exposure to some topics. When sections are merged then people are much more likely to view most of those sections and get a glance of all the new content since they last visited. However if there's like a dozen or more, people are way more likely to just click a few sections that interest them and therefore don't get exposed to a lot of potential new content (which they may have been interested in if they saw!) 

A section like Crystals would probably not get used much and would mostly be covered by a few general threads. Having too many sections with some that are rarely used makes the forum seem stagnant where as merged highly used general sections give it more of an activity community feel and it's easier to be able to see what's going on in the place without having to click on every section. I don't think clutter will be an issue. 

Just my two cents after using lots of different boards and seeing the birth of different forums.

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