another dream :3 I love dreams

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The first part I was in a school but the last part was an interesting story, I was climbing along a factory roof when I fell to the floor and looked around and I was surrounded by giant like giant cow sheep, but I looked behind me there was a seperate heard that had grey faces and moaning, a Biiiiiiig ram told me that they are the sick sheep and are sectioned off so the don't get mixed in with good sheep, I looked at them and said shouldn't you care for them so they get better?? And I was sad there were a wave of saddness and I started walking towards them and I think I touched one, I went back to the good side and the ram freaked out, and said you must prove you are not one of them by saying the secrect rhyme, then I looked at the ground and saw golden writing and followed it to the heard, I got to the end and picked up the writing and showed it to the ram beca by the end I forgot most of it, the ram said its ok you dont have to say it and went ba k to guarding, then he told me my mother wrote that for me before she died, my mum is alive lol, and at the back of the good heard there was red berries and I started eating then, then I had to wake up because my bf had to get up, then I was thinking about the dream and maybe the berries should have gone to the sick sheep and would made them better it was too late to go back ,but I do revisit dreams sometimes so ill try it if I end up going back ^_^

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