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So yea.

There are many religions that talk about the bigger picture from many different perspectives. Something that Teal said in one of her videos is to create your own religion.

That is kinda what I have done. My religion is based upon the thing of: everything is energy.
From this belief you can have a lot of fun connecting dots and understand that energy. The more I understand about energy the more I understand about source. And since everything is energy source included, it is a very universal concept that bridges a lot of gaps between humans, nature, society and space.

Even science is on board with this and so it is already very accepted. Now here comes the funny thing. Some religions have their own practical practices, what do you practice when the core is: everything is energy?

Well that's practice energetical concepts in the real world such as energy work, reiki, healing, change of vibrations, meditation and the emotional integration practice is also an energy thing ;) 
Oh news flash everyone can sense or feel energy, it is what we call feelings and emotions. It is free from physical restriction of how most perceive the usual senses and communication. So it is also a universal language that everyone can and does speak either they are aware of it or not. I can perceive this felt language though my brain might have a challenging time translating what is being said at times.

So yea...heh this is my religion more or less.

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my religion would be everyone you see is an aspect of you, so figure out why they annoy you or why you love them, its only you. love is a big one for me, being able to express is another big one, I have a lot of darkness in me, so it needs to come out every now and then and it would be cool if people can handle also the dark side of life. once you find a new belief drop the old, evolve every aspect of yourself. that would be my "religion". oh yeah, everyone's truth is just as valid so talk to them on their level, we are co creating this place, but you can still know we are all one and there are no rules, so know that every person you meet is working with different rules and beliefs, they're in their own reality, respect their reality. Self awareness would be nice too lol.

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