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Un unusual assistant for growth

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Un unusual assistant for growth

Kali is considered in the hindu tradition as the goddes of destruction and is worshiped by many people in India but for many yogis she is much more than a myth.

Kali is not just an idol or something you believe in. She can become a living reality for you
Kali is a very fierce form. 
You need a different kind of skill to manage a woman like that! In many ways, she is very easily approachable compared to other forms, but at the same time, very, very fierce. When you invite someone very fierce, if you do not know how to manage them, they may eat you up! There are others which are even more fierce and terrible. Usually, the yogis created very fierce forms because these are fierce people – they cannot live with a tame woman. They want someone really wild.
                                             - Sadhguru

What are your thoughts about kali?
What are the technicalities of working with this type of energies?
Do you know anyone who has experienced this?
Is there any guru or teacher that works or teaches how to work with this?
Do you think that an energy such as kali can manifest in the physical world or another realm?


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