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New to big changes lately.

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I  would like to take the time to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Craig and I am in my mid 50,s and my life has recently gone through a huge change. I have always suffered from depression, anxiety, lack of self pride and confidence , ect. It was about 3 months ago I had an urge to stop anti depressants and I feel like I am healed of it. Well most parts of it anyway as the answers just came into my head. Since that day things have been very weird. My partner thinks I have finally lost the plot, my doctor thinks I am all over the shop but for once i am HAPPY. I have been on many prescriptions and am weening myself off so that I can have a clear mind to work with. I have also had a long smoke habit for many years and am slowly doing away with that too. I feel a bit lost at this time , not having any clue what is next. I have always been a more than generous person, often putting others before myself, this has not always served me well as I feel I was often taken advantage of.  I am a qualified electrician but I have lost all passion for work in the last three years. The first two were in deep depression with a suicide attempt mid way. I have recovered from that place but I have a feeling there is greatness awaiting. I have very little money , yet I have no worry of this. I live in tropical North Queensland on a farm surrounded by fruit and lovely fresh air with a running creek. I can not stop wondering if I was drawn here to rebuild myself ! Soon I hope to purchase a small bit of this for the future, but maybe I am to travel? I know I will get the answers. So if anyone notices me bumbling around in the forums section it likely I am looking for advice or just to know I am doing what is best for me. Cheers  Be gentle with everyone.

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