Decoding Ourselves Through Our Inventions

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Decoding Ourselves Through Our Inventions

Human beings create things (actual items/gadgets) that are perfect representative models for things and systems within our own bodies. This is not MY idea; this is something that scientists have been studying since the industrial revolution. Basically, if you take any invention, going back to the dawn of the first tools, they are all reflections of some "tool" that exists within our own bodies. The camera is quite literally a man-made eyeball, complete with optic nerve and image recognition/storage in a "brain" (hard drive). The plumbing system of any major city, if looked at as a whole, is a perfect representation of the circulatory system of a human being. A printed circuit board inside any piece of electronics is a working model of the central nervous system.  And the personal computer, with it's fast random access memory, deeper hard drive, inputs, outputs, and CPU... is exactly how human cognition takes place. And now with all this "cloud storage"... don't even get me started on how we are quite literally building a huge model of the universe... and no one is even aware that we are doing so. The engineers that are doing all this, are just... solving problems. How can we get THIS to do THAT? Trial and error begins, and at the end... unbeknownst to even the people doing it, they've created something that was inside their own bodies. 

Professionally, I am an Instructional Designer for a very large and well known software company. What that means is, I design and create training course material that is used to teach people how to use our software. There is a lot more to it, but really, the point is, that I spend my entire day everyday thinking of ways to explain complex concepts to people in a way that they can relate to and profoundly accept into memory. 

I also, just so happen to be someone who has dealt with ADD, depression, anxiety, and an almost crippling sense of loneliness most of my adult life. For the past 4-5 years (I'm 41yrs old), I have been on a serious quest to heal. To heal, I realized, I was going to have to really wrap my brain around some extremely complex and uncomfortable concepts. As the aforementioned Instructional Designer, I know that the absolute best way to learn or teach a complex concept is through representations, examples, and metaphors. For example, if you are trying to explain to a your optometrist how a digital camera works,  you could easily represent all of the components of a camera to the parts of the human eye and how that information makes it to the brain. And voila... you've found the common ground you needed to thread that needle for this person.  The spiritual, self-help, psychological, and wellness industry... pardon my cynicism... really really sucks at doing this!  

So... I have decided to make it my main focus in life, for the time being, to learn all that I can, and try to help people like Teal Swan, who btw is the closest I've seen so far to someone who does all this very well. I cannot imagine that I can simply pick up the phone and call Team Swan. Even if I could, I am sure she has had a lot of wacky people over the years want to work with her. It may be a foolish thought, but something tells me, very deeply, that there is something about my anxious, depressed, ADD, over-analytical ass that was meant to help a knowledgeable thought-leader help everyone see things more clearly. If not Teal Swan, then someone. So.... I wanted to ask if anyone of you on here might know of any spiritual authors, thought-leaders, or anyone that might be open to letting me help them develop instructional material for the purpose of helping them educate?  

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