Fire and Heart

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Fire and Heart

The three most compelling paragraphs I've ever read. From "Wood Becomes Water" by Gail Reichstein.

 The organ mainly associated with Fire-the Heart- has strong affiliations with love and relationship in myth and language all over the world. Indeed, it's the Hearts power of emotion and connection that permits one person to relate to another at all. The Heart strives for union and finds joy in the experience. The more unity, the more love; the more joy the Heart finds, the more it relates these delights to others. Like a glowing hearthfire, the Heart spreads warmth and intimacy to all that come within reach. 

 The Western world has a long tradition of connecting the Heart with love, although the currently dominate scientific model has shifted the seat of emotions to the brain. In Chinese medicine, however, the Heart remains a center of emotion and of spirit. In fact, the Heart is said to "house" the spirit, so that the emotions and passions that penetrate it actually run both deeper and higher; they allow relationships that transcend the earthly plane and one to the divine. Fire's consuming passions- for other people, favorite foods, particular activities- create such strong feelings in us because they connect us to the divine through the aegis of spirit.

 The Heart gives love, but it also receives love by allowing others to enter its most private territories, which is the greatest act of faith a human can perform. In our Heart centers, others have the power, not only to heal us with their love, but also to destroy us if they should deny or abuse that love. In this way, the Heart is our most vulnerable organ: It must be open in order to receive what it needs, yet its openness contains the seeds of despair. It is a paradox that terrifies all who consider it, and which prevents many people from accepting the love they crave.

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