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The Future of Road Travel

What do you think about self-drive cars and their place in today's society?

Would you trust your children in a self-drive school bus?

Would your commute be easier if an elderly person who normally drives 35 miles per hour is in self-drive car going 55 miles per hour? 

What is to prevent kids from accessing the car and taking off to where they wish to go?

And last but not least, what about hacking a self-drive car.

I would love to hear your opinions and feedback on this matter.

With love,

Garnet ❤




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Worst nightmare of hacking. Yep. I thought of that. Take a look at this clip on Youtube: Fast and furious  at about 2:10

I would also worry about how well the programming is thought out. Did the software engineers really think out the situations. I read a scenario that would be scary. A school bus breaks down on a mountain road, blocking the road. Your car sees it a little to late to stop and senses what MAY be people in the path. Computes best action is evade....right off the road to a fiery death. No.... not me. I want someone at the wheel in such uncontrolled environments.  I also would like the option of a second opinion such as my own.

But think bigger....What about self driving commercial airlines and trains.  I like drones, but not necessarily autonomous AI controlled drones. At least not yet.


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