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When I was in my bed one night I was closing my eyes to go to sleep,  but  I was so awake as if my brain was on over drive, so I closed them and started thinking of a object, then all the sudden it was being created in a instant, I opened my eyes and focused on my room but the imprint like when you look at something for a long time then look away was still there? Then with my eyes open I thought of it again and it was appearing in front of me...  then I stopped because I was getting scared, I'm usually scared lol, and the imprint was still there, for the next couple of months it happened,  there was no transition into dreams, I thought it, it was  there, eyes open or eyes closed, but the amazing thing is the dream object left it's imprint in reailty, I remember how I created my dreams, it still happens now but I've tuned out a bit because its not only visual I hear what I'm thinking which sounds so real, and a few times I've fully poped into a dream and gone ummm how do I get backbecause it felt life, but the flip side to this is life feels and looks like a dream to me, same stangeness but more set in concrete thank god lol anyways enjoy ^_^

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