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It's been a year now since I discovered that you create your own reality. The first ever thing that I wanted to change is healing my myopia. I have relatively sever myopia (-4,75/-4,50 as diopters) and really, really want to heal it. Teal Swan has not yet talked about this worldwide disease, I was wondering if any of you had experiences of bettering their vision naturally? What may be the metaphysical reasons behind myopia?

Thank you so much for the replies.

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I know from experience myopia can be very fluctuating.

Last time I went to the sea my vision maybe not back to normal but oh so clear, I had gained several diopters.

I also noticed some improvement after willingly opening my eyes in the bath. At first they were a little red and would hurt a little, but it soon passed and it had made me gain a clearer vision, too.

I think this works best in a salty bath, but you have to "surrender" to the salt that stings at first!

Also you have a method that can reduce myopia wich consists into taking a dozen lines of text (whatever the topic) every day and only focus and read the spaces between words. They recommend to do that for around 15mn a day but in my case this one method gives me headaches after less than 2 minutes of practice lol.

I think combining both this method with frequent sea bath could generate very interesting results.

All in all please try not to spend too much time with your glasses on 😎

love and cheers,


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