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So many triggers without a gun

So many triggers without a gun

Shaping into poetry unfathomable misery

I hear this little girl crying non-stop, she is me

Mom had promised me we would go away together

But the "thing" caught her too fastly

I know people are not blame to still have a family

How could I ever build one with all these ruins of me?

An orphan that can not afford progeny

An alien that wants back home and end the study


love you all


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I almost regret having written this topic... 

Opening about a terrible wound that is already so deeply imprinted whilestill wide open and wich caused me so many times to feel unbearably alone and like there was this huge gap between "others" and "me".

This is not how I want to feel...

I am so "done" with this particular wound in the meantime I feel like taking a huge knife and open it as to empty it of all (emotional) blood.

What can I do but shift frequency and relate to others -something I love to do, actually.

Minute by minute, hour after hour...

I must keep a sense of connection to beings because that is the way I am originally "wired" anyway.




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