Can you be literally ANYTHING you want?

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Can you be literally ANYTHING you want?

Can you be literally ANYTHING you want? If someone really loves music, can that person become a singer, even though they're voice is not trained at all, never sang in the past and didn't take any singing lessons? Can someone who loves art become a great painter just by starting to learn about colors and painting techniques and keeping persevering?

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Aim at it

Be it

Sing it

Organize it

Live through it

Understand it

Try it

Enjoy it







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Life throws curve balls at you. What you want today may not be what you want tomorrow. But your job and doing what you love don't have to be the same thing! Pick a career that makes you enough money so that you can enjoy doing what you love. For instance, many people love the lifestyle of an intellectual, but there's not many careers that allow you to make money using your intellect. And even if your career allows you to use your intellect in some capacity it's most likely in no way enjoyable to you.

For years I struggled with this, but now I'm perfectly happy going after materialist pursuits knowing that I can pursue my intellectual goals in my free time. You can do both! You can go to a job you absolutely hate, knowing you're just in it for the money, and go home every night and write a novel, or make works of art.

Being an INFJ, my head is always in the clouds--I'm constantly wrapped up in the world of ideas. But having a very materialist job has its advantages for someone like me, even though it runs contrary to my personality. The concrete, material world is in my shadow (i.e. my inferior function), so the more involved in the material world I am the more integrated I become! (In many ways, even though I'm at work I am, in fact, doing shadow work!) If it weren't for my job to keep me in some way grounded to the material world, I'd be lost in the clouds. Individuation is being able to use your inferior function (in my case, extraverted sensate) in equal measure to your primary psychological function (for me, introverted intuition). Therefore, even though it seems contradictory; nevertheless, I am forever going after both extremes with equal fervor!

Another way of looking at this is that the two are interdependent. You must inter-be with the material world in order to be. For instance, you cannot survive on air alone; you need food and water in order to live. We may detest the superficiality of material pursuits, but ultimately materiality benefits us! There's nothing wrong, for instance, in being a lawyer and a patron of the arts. If it weren't for the one, you may not be able to do the other. But the quicker you can get over or make peace with the material world, the better off you'll be! As Thich Nhat Hanh always says; "Flowers cannot grow without the muck!"

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