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THE THREE AND SEVEN - Self Sacrifice Simplified. Perfect Perfection Perfected.


::: RULE 1 ::: Be a good person. What does that mean? A good friend, family member and neighbor. 
Also someone who doesn't rape and murder babies. Respectful to life.
::: RULE 2 ::: Whether friend or food treated with respect.
::: RULE 3 ::: Protection is Perfect Perfection Perfected.


::: ONE ::: Love - The heart is the most powerful of all things. Be a good friend, family member and neighbor.
::: TWO ::: Live by Natural Law - Live your life as you see fit as long as you in no way hurt others or the planet.
Violence is the absolute last option and only for self defense and protection of those who can't protect themselves.
::: THREE ::: Protect - Protect those who can't protect themselves.
::: FOUR :::  Respect - Respecting life is the correct response to being given life.
::: FIVE ::: Nurture - Every single life is precious. Protect life at all costs. Allow life to grow.
::: SIX ::: Forgiveness - Second chances are precious. They are to be given but must also be earned.
::: SEVEN ::: Purity - Purity of body, mind and soul. Of self and society. Built upon a foundation of pure water, land and air.
~Hermes Trismegistus

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