Lucifer and Christ Join peace or perdition?

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Lucifer and Christ Join peace or perdition?

I'm trying to avoid embarrassment but at the same time trying to share. I feel like people aren't going to beilve me so I might as well be angry holding back is pointless. I heard the name morning sta months ago.  And I had no idea what it meant. I've been communicating with the angelic relm . Morning  Star is Lucifer and Christ. I feel km d's stupid but but I guess I'm not cause the majority' of people swear that I'm a devil worshipper. The people in the place I was staying at were completely terrified of me. They were literally praying. They are so stupid.

The funny thing is that they are the same person Christt and Lucifer. The church is failed everyone theologian are completely oblivious. Makes me sad how stupid some people can be. Really they are wasting their lives and giving all the power to the church. The truth is right in front of us but we are still blind. If you understood their secret belief system. It's pure tricky the bible is evil. Christians you would be shocked and horrified by their beliefs about life and everything in general. I wish I could scare them into awakening but then I might get called illuminati which is also bullship.  I'm just going  waiting for a resolution. Maybe they want some end times story so they could release bondage to the Bible. Plus they are hateful as shit. Maybe the cross stands for righteous but  the people holding it only wanted to have power. They worship the evil Abramic God the one that just sees us as a collection

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Don't go off the deep end. Let me throw you a life preserver and No. It doesn't contain lead weights.

Which flavor of 'Christianity' are you talking about?  Just a short list of the major groups:




Reformed Lutheran


Eastern Orthodox

Oriental Orthodox

Assyrian Church of the East

Ancient Church of the East



These groups can be further categorized into different groups too numerous to list.

They differ in customs, practices and in some cases, beliefs.  Hell, even funerary customs can be radically different and I don't recall there being a single leader or founder, either. Point being is that they are by no means the same, even withing the same denomination.

Would you believe that some archaeologist postulate that Christianity and some of those symbols like the cross may have connections to early Egyptian culture? Think Coptic Christians. The Ankh; which stands for eternal life.

I learned  about quite a few different religions through inquiry and reading.  From what I've learned, Christianity is not the only religion to have had splits and changes either.

I don't personally practice a religion, but was introduced to Christianity by virtue of where I live at an early age.  I am not atheist, but closer to agnostic.

I do know and have heard friends, family and colleagues talk about the times they switch to another church. Most common reason beyond moving, was that the church they knew morphed into something they did not recognize. Some would even talk about the sermon that listened to...or not.... You also realize that the sermon is put together by that specific church.  I don't know of there being some overlord playbook. Probably why there are so many different flavors. Don't confuse churches with the news media. Now that's something to be angry at and afraid of.  Anyhow.....

As for a religion being evil?  Give me a definition for evil. It can include an example. I want to better understand where you are coming from as anger does not often appear out of thin air. 

Ideas about evil differ greatly from person to person with few commonalities that hold over time and differing situations.

One man's meat is another man's poison. Sometimes its the reverse.

By the way. No such thing as a dumb question......How else are you to communicate or learn?....Talk away till the stars go dark.

Don't worry about how you think you might be perceived. That might be resistance based on need and/or fear. Maybe some people have dyslexic hearing? (Getting late and It's that was an amusing thought)

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You may not know it but by associating  Christ with what the true spirit of Lucifer was and is... You reached a level of awareness that normally takes years of studying and undertsanding.


Because as most tranlated human books The Bible doesn't convey perfectly the messages of its messengers.

Lucifer litterally means "bearer of light".

Satan means "the opponent". 

These 2 entities are entirely different beings with complete opposite views on the human race:

Lucifer loved humanity enough to wanna bring it some more light.

Satan always thought humanity was no good no matter what, to make things very short.

I am not being given permission to open about all I know on this topic, apart that the seeming war between "God" and "Satan" rooted duality into mankind.


peace and cheers,



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Quick few words: Lucifer represents all-knowing from the head, while Christ represents all-loving from the heart

These concepts are energies and not necessarily people.

However, many Bible-believing Christian groups can go way off-the-rails when it comes to defending the honor of Christ as a person (or the son of God)

Keep searching for Truth as it comes to you.

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Well.... Lucifer was an archangel....once upon a time.... at least in my understanding (the bringer of light, wielder of knowledge and other odd personifications)..... that is until the rebellion (thought to have been sparked by jealousy and pride) followed by the fall from grace...

Some of the controversy revolves around the personification of what the archangel was responsible for and the power wielded before the fall, as Lucifer, and the personification of the fallen angel, often called Satan after the fall. That can be confusing when you use names interchangeably. 

This might be an analogous to the difficulty in trying gauge someone by a single act in there considerably long lifetime.  Bittersweet.

Do you accept the good with the bad?

Do you reject everything because of the bad?

An elusive concept from time to time.

Just a little fun. Imagine having two names. One for the 'bad' self and one for the 'good' self.  What people in you life would address you as both? Parents maybe?

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