making female friends

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making female friends

why is it so hard for some women to make female friends? since its tricky for men and women to remain friends Im on a quest to make more female friends however its not as easy as it seems, and unfortunately make easier friends with males and its something im pretty tired of. since i dont have the best relationship with my mother i was wondering if this played a role.

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hi there,

I think you already nailed the core of you current problem: yes, it sounds to me your mom played a huge role in your inconscious wich is normal.

The bond between mother and daughter has been proven to be the one leaving the more impact on the human brain.

Especially coming from a place where the Mommy relationship is dysfunctional oone way or another... A mother is a mother!

I was devastated when I lost my Mom (we had a very close, strong and amazing bound no matter how conflictual at times) Still trying to adapt to a world without her but back to something that relates to your topic.

I was often the one breaking all my female friendships when a teen. I just felt the need to do so, it was entirely compulsive, these female friends had done nothing wrong to me but the need to "cut" the relationship  was something coming from my (tormented) guts. I could never "break up" or distance myself from my Mom so I think it was my very own way of "solving" the unsolved.

I am like you, I like to have male friends and no matter how feminine I look I sometimes feel like a tomboy :)

Let things flow, inside and outside of you dear.

The female friends who match your frequency will come in due time, don't worry.





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