How to become a powerful wizard?

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First line in Tao is there is no one way. This aside, I have found Kabalah to be central. Quadrivium: cosmology, geometry, number, sound. Music is the most powerful tool. Your voice, your words. "Elohim spoke the world into existence". Sigils/talisman also important. Egregores/tulpas/servitors. Clean simple diet. Yoga. Minimalism. Positive thoughts and language. Get outside of English... Hebrew is essential. Enochian. ... Goetia & Crowley are good study but understand, working with lesser energies can be powerful and shouldn't be ignored but are best used in conjunction with the higher, for higher purposes. Transcendental meditation. Look into kundalini. Chakras are as real as your physical body and in the Western world not addressed at all causing many problems and medical illnesses. Sound therapy... reiki and bi-neural beats are low frequency and there are better means of doing what they do. Appropriate dress and asthetics have value. Keep toxic people at bay... no one is perfect but do your best to seek people who aspire to better themselves and others as much as possible. Freemasonry contains knowledge but with all systems that involve degrees and secret & deceptive practices and heirarchies... beware, know what you are getting into. Manage your time. Astrology.. Vedas. Audio metamorphosis is the completion of life. That should get you off to a fine start :)

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Lleo just gave you a wealth of interesting valid paths.

I'd say start to use your imagination more like when you were a kid. Nobody's gonna initiate you, you just gotta start doing some wizardly shiz. 

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