Inexperienced Channeller looking for guidance

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Inexperienced Channeller looking for guidance

I started out with acting in school. I never developed a strong sense of self - my parents were always more interested in making each other miserable in a divorce battle than raising their kids. I used to be afraid of just about everything and everyone. As most actors do, my response was to learn as much as I could about what I feared by becoming it. Letting another consciousness step through to understand things or at times do the work I couldn't contextualize or understand from my limited point of view.

Method acting/ Consciously controlled dissociation became a bit of a meditation practice for me but as method acting can often be, it became dangerous over the last year or so. Part of the reason for that is my unresolved habits surrounding food - binge eating and hiding food. Sometimes I think my shadow animal must be a brown bear, given how much I sleep and hoard food, and how dangerous I can be when I let my temper loose. I'm also 6'2" and 300 pounds,down from 450, but I'm at a plateau. I've been coldly rational my entire life until I started to inquire about quantum physics. I won't go into length about the journey, but the last two months have been fucking hell and the only reason I've chosen to stay alive is because my aunts, uncles and siblings have my back. I put my dog up for adoption just over a month ago and two weeks ago I tried to kill myself.

Within the last week, the consciousness I'm closest to - who accoring to itself declares to be that of Aristotle, from whom I am currently absorbing the concepts of Teleology with relative ease DESPITE never having read a single article on the subject - has been pushing me towards an exploration of my heart and a more metaphysically oriented lifestyle. It tells me I am deeply in resistance to letting go, because if I do, all that is me will cease to exist. I worry that if I lose my sense of self, I will be easily manipulated by the forces at work.

Any resources on the subject would be appreciated, and yes I have seen Teal's most recent video.



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I know how subtle and sometimes non-existant the fronteer between incarnated acting and channeling can be.

I can also remember a time in my life where I would willingly  enter a trance state and ask for a certain spirit of my choice to come and instruct me.

Some people view this as very bad and dangerous but I am convicted as long as you have respect and refuse to demonize the entities willing to work with you, things should be just fine.

Look at shamans, it is their daily work and mission to be the bridge between this world and the other ones. In their culture spirits are spirits and are as much as unique as one can be in terms of motivation, mood, etc

Many many souls from worlds and dimensions we can only barely conceive with a human mind WANT to communicate for various reasons. It doesn't matter they may use pseudos and famous human names to be sure they catch your attention, what matters is what is delivered  and what is the outcome of it for you.

It it benefits you then it benefits the whole human kind as well...

The feeling I get from you and really want to help you on that one is to stop being afraid of "ceasing to exist" BECAUSE BY LETTING GO YOU WILL ON THE CONTRARY WILL BE MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!

Trust yourself, your core being can never cease to exist :)

Stop being afraid of becoming a bodily puppet for any wandering soul around you dear !

All mediums AND actors can go though that phase where you just wonder at the abyss and of course the abyss looks back at you.( My Mom even stopped theatre because she had no support when she went through that phase-wich is sad for she was very gifted, love you Mommy, wherever you are, you rock! ❤️)

But I can assure can also smile at the abyss, too...So no such thing as "ceasing to exist".

Only the fear of losing oneself, try to get in touch and make new contacts with other channelers and especially the professional ones who can give you practical tips with your gift.

Wishing you the best,


love and cheers,



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Deneb says many good things here, chief among them is DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Know that, you - as a human, are a projection of your higher self into the 3D realm.

Ask your higher self for enough energy to see/think/reason clearly so that you may rise above this situation.  (This is something very similar to what I did and it helped move me out of lousy circumstances). You don't need textbooks right now - you need calmness and clarity.

Clearly you are sensitive/gifted/psychic - whatever you want to call it.  That can make for an awesome human experience or a terrifying one.  In this modern age, there are plenty of us who can help get it closer to awesome.  You will not be burned at the stake for this.  You may want to eat less steak, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. (too soon?)

I have been helping a lot of people get in touch with their guides lately and all of them (spirit guides) have used humor to lighten the mood and to encourage the humans to take their situations less seriously.

If you want to talk more with me about this on the forum or through a personal email, please feel free to do so.


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