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Michal Jackson

Hej People, what do you think about Michael Jackson? 

There is this author, Armin Risi, who wrote a book about Jackson. That he was extraordinary spiritual. And tjere are this other voices who talk very bad about him. So: what do you think?

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Michael was an alien soul -a "starseed" if you like"- for sure.

"Man In The Mirror" could be a song taught in schools for self-awareness. 

The singing, the writing, and of course, the dancing, he had it all!

Yet was he happy?


People often mistake him for a pedophile while his wanting to be around children was nothing sexual but only HIM being a wounded little boy in a grown up body feeling better when surrounded by them.

love and cheers,


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What can i say about Michael Jakson... I will always remember him as the King of Pop music... all of the controversies around him were too much for me to comprehend back then, I guess i was too young plus not much was broadcasted in my country... and as to plastic surgeries... yeah.... probably overdid a bit. 

Just watched the Earth song. Only Michael Jackson can walk upon a dying earth with so much grace. 

When speaking of the dead it's been advised not to be too critical or "never speak ill of the dead".

Good night everyone ❤

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         well , the question what do you think about something or some one it's a projection of several perspectives and timelines .

  Michael Jackson at first for me was a impressive  video clips to watch, but in  car I was prefer to listen his sister Janet Jackson instead, in 90s I think was the best time for music, 

   shame we know just a little about personal artists life, some of then ending very tragically .

  Yesterday  found some video about Jim Carrey , and when you see the name of Jim Carrey whats on your mind first? 99% comedy  probably, but I was very surprised , so whos have't seen this video probably will be surprised too  , what about Jim Carrey paintings art   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21CEOlBq2YI

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