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My Conciousness is Acting Strange I feel like I'm drowning.

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My Conciousness is Acting Strange I feel like I'm drowning.

It's hard to take any action when I'm confused. I'm starting to get a 5th dimensional perspective of it all though. I think I went into other hallways that were not in alignment with my higher self. And it was all cause and effect. 

who are we collectively : "Were all saying who knows over and over again subconsciously" expanding forever in Hell. 

Jenga is the tower: humanity 

half truths need to be reconciled

Please learn about the fucking Kybalion and give a shit about the world cause if you don't I'm just going to star exposing the dark ugly fucked up truth just cause I can't take it anymore. 

All of you only care about entertainment and your living a life in perpetual complancy. 

Teal this tutioral of life creates a huge fucking problem cause this idea that there is space outside of our existence. Just nullifies everthing. It's starting to make me wonder if your intennially sending us in a circle.only to flash truth. Then give a contradiction then we are back where we started.


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I'm acting in accordance with oneness 

Here is another piece that is missing conversation is useless if you don't have reason. 

Im lost pieces of myself have been falling off everything but I found myself in pieces. My current emotionally self.that is lost I'm shy, reserved, angry but tempered. I feel like a have control.

I started talking with a Arkansas accent which was weird. I can't based off what is in real unreal.

I think you guys use the word energy because you fear being stuck. I

LOOK AT WHAT I SAY AS STATEMENTS then respond that's how conversation is supposed to work. And just because that's true that doesn't mean your stuck yoh can still do things the wrong way. Do what you want 

I just realized I'm inventing a way of studying Metaphysics. Is this Dangeous? Oh Teal does this to I think..

we are not stuck.

I am my body. That is my soul. I am my heart and mind.

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