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Why I hate JW's (Jehovah Witnesses)... with a passion! [Pun intended.]

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Let me count the ways:

1. They follow a replacement theology doctrine that blurs the line between Jewish and Christian dogma. After all, what is a JW? Are they Jews? Are they Christians? It's confusing to the vast majority of the population, to say the least! It's not uncommon for a JW to be mistakenly called a Jew (for those who don't know that they regard themselves as "Christian"). But even so, where does that leave the Jews? Their doctrine very conveniently almost completely ignores the Jews' claim to their own covenant! Even though seemingly "inheriting" the Jewish covenant, themselves! (Supposedly, as God's chosen people.) What hypocrisy! Of course, that's why the Jews hate them too! Most Jews regard the Jehovah's Witnesses as an anti-Semitic organization. And why shouldn't they? After all, the JW's try to weasel their way into staking claim on the Jewish covenant through a sort of "sleight of hand"--by forging their own bible!

2. They brag about how they were persecuted along with the Jews during the holocaust, which is nothing to brag about! Of course, this is an outright lie! JW's were persecuted to an extent because they wouldn't fight for the Reich, but they were never persecuted to the extent the Jews were (who were in the process of being annihilated!). After all, they were still regarded as "Christian," and I use the term loosely here. Only an estimated 1,400 Jehovah's Witnesses died in the Holocaust, while over six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust (out of an estimated nine million Jews in Europe)! Of course, these facts are often obscured and twisted to make it seem as though their persecution was 'equal' to that of the Jews, or even 'worse than that of the Jews!' Of course, the Jehovah's Witnesses, as an organization, base much of their propaganda on historical revisionism and outright lies.

3. They are extraordinarily naive when it comes to advocating for nonviolence (to the point of outright stupidity!). Case in point: Ever hear about the JW that tried to join the Cleveland Police Department, but refused to carry a gun?! With the number of officer deaths higher than they had been in recent years (in fact, they were skyrocketing!) this case was particularly laughable! It is Jehovah’s Witnesses’ position carrying a gun does not promote peace, the pinnacle of their beliefs. Of course, they also refuse a simple blood transfusion even when it puts their own life or an innocent child's life at risk! (In fact, the number of Jehovah's Witnesses who have needlessly died to date due to lack of a simple blood transfusion is staggering!) In the case of JW's and their stance on nonviolence a quote by Malcolm X comes to mind:

“Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.”
— Malcolm X

4. They have a lay priesthood (if you can even call them that!). Their "elders" are no better educated than your average citizen, while most religious institutions require their clergy to be highly educated at the University level any idiot can become a JW "elder." (I should know, my brother is one!)

5. They follow a very anti-intellectual dogma. As an organization, the JW's are against their congregants attending four-year Universities. Instead, they tell their congregants that it is better to attend community college and obtain a two-year technical degree. The reason? Degree programs with a solid foundation in the Liberal Arts exposes the JW's lies and propaganda! Because no well-educated person could ever be a JW: the lies and hypocrisy are too apparent and staggering for any intellectual to possibly believe!

6. They deny the doctrine of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit. How could you possibly deny the Trinity and still regard yourself as Christian? Practically all Christian organizations (most Protestants and, certainly, Catholics) agree that if you deny the doctrine of the Trinity or the Holy Spirit, you cannot call yourself a Christian. If you deny the Trinity, how could you possibly understand the word of God or the personage of Christ?! Simply put, you can't!

7. Strangers in a strange land. JW's ostracize themselves from the rest of society through the belief of marrying only from within their own congregation. JW's are heavily encouraged, i.e. indoctrinated, to marry only from within the congregation to which they are members. (Of course, this was the number one reason I abandoned this organization at the age of 17; the gene pool was a little too thin, if you get my drift! [Pun intended.]) That's when I understood the JW religion for what it actually was: a religion of exile! Perhaps, this reveals more than any other example, exactly, how JW's see themselves within society--as the "replacement Jews."

8. They deny their congregants communion with Christ by not allowing them to partake of the bread and wine. Only the JW's "chosen elite" are allowed to partake of the sacraments when they celebrate Passover. This exposes how the JW's follow an elitist doctrine. It's fatalism, pure and simple. In fact, it parallels that of Calvinism! After all, if you're not among the chosen "elite," how can you obtain any more saving grace than you were born with? (You can't.) The exclusiveness of Calvinism differs very little from that of Jehovah's Witnesses or other authoritarian groups. (And, make no mistake, the JW's as a group are authoritarian!) Therefore, the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses is one of narrow-mindedness and a belief in their own doctrinal superiority. However, such a system is comparatively weak when scrutinized in the light of true revelation!

Which begs the question, is the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses truly the doctrine of Christ?

...Kool-Aid, anyone?



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