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Aggression in spiritual groups

Thank you for everything! Your videos are truly improving my life.

I have an important question for you that will benefit spiritual groups, Lightworkers and the progress of the world towards a calmer and swifter shift.

  • Within a spiritual / Lightworker group, what can we do (for ourselves and others) to stop attacking each other?

I'm sure this has a lot to do with cognitive dissonance, ego and the like, but if there would be a silver bullet, or some aspect we're missing, I'm confident that you would know about it. The answer would improve the overall effectiveness of Lightworkers and Lightworriors globally, and I'll make sure that it reaches as many groups as I can. This destructive behavior that we have towards each other is one of the major issues that are in the way of our success against the dark forces. This question was asked by a spiritual leader (of sorts) with 48 million followers.

Please consider and thank you for everything


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