Boyan Blagoslov

"The Completion Circle"

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"The Completion Circle"


My name is Boyan. I am Bulgarian. I am fascinated with Shadow Work and what it has done in mine and peoples lives around me and I am researching and studying ways to implement it into life. Attachment: The Completion Process + "The Story Circle" Structure. What I want is to merge them in a way that one can go, in a sense, through the process while involved in stories (videos, audios, tales, movies, etc.) I know it can be done. It's just too much similarities in both structures. I need help and support with it. I am not aware if I am giving you this or asking you for something. I just thought that putting it out there was worth it. Let me know what you 

(I could not get it to be shown in the post) 🙄

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