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Why I love Muslims more than Liberals:

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Why I love Muslims more than Liberals:

Let me count the ways...

1. Muslims will die only for their God. Liberals on the other hand, will die for any number of causes in line with their party's ideology. (This is what Ayn Rand referred to as the "self-sacrificing person.")

2. Muslims only fear God. Liberals are afraid of everything, including Muslims. (Did I mention Liberals are now afraid of white males?)

3. I feel safer around Muslims than far left-leaning Liberals. (The majority of Muslims in this country don't bother anybody, I have seen Liberals harass Muslims for no reason and then claim they were the ones being victimized!)

4. Muslims WANT to die. Liberals will never know the bliss of being closer to God.

5. If you have a disagreement with a Muslim, they will simply call you an infidel. If you have a disagreement with a Liberal, they will spit at you and call you a bunch of vile crap, including Adolf Hitler!

6. Muslims believe God will provide. Liberals would rather be dependent on the government.

7. The Quran reads more beautifully than Karl Marx.


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