Intention Ritual to manifest my Nikons back/An experience

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Intention Ritual to manifest my Nikons back/An experience

Hey guys,

I need you all for what may sound or could be a  funny , worthy but also demanding (in terms of energy,intention and focus) little favor

I need my 2 Nikon babies  back in my life and in my hands. I need them to create, to breathe, to be me, they are like... my 4th eye.  I learnt photography with them and so so so much more... I owe them my survival. 

My online photo gallery is here:


I make this topic the center of my ritual.

Thank you Teal for allowing me that space of magic.

Whoever reads this is pretty much welcome to send me good vibes and visualise me smiling and happy with my Nikon babies back in my gear, gear of the heart.

For an intention can be as strong as an action

For I am sure I can count on you just like you can count on me, too









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