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❤Happy Love Day!❤

Valentine's Day is here!

Happiness is yours to take and create good karma. If you can dream it, you can do it! You are Love and Universe loves you back, so leave a little kindness wherever you go❤

Today's Valentine our family celebrated by making Russian Mushroom Ravioli and I am happy to share the recipe with everyone:

Prepare stuffing by gently sauteeing mushrooms and  onions. Salt pepper, garlic to taste. Fresh garlic is really tasty. => Blend into a paste. Set aside.

Dough: flour, a pinch of salt, water. No, I don't know the exact measurements even if my life depended on it. I simply eye ball everything to the right consistency.

Tip: use wine glass to cut out the circles 🍷





Cook raviolis in any favourite bullion of your choice or simply add salt pepper garlic to the water. I like to use the same pot I had my mushrooms in earlier for extra flavor. Butter optional.

Serve with sour cream (classic way)/ Red aurora sauce/ fry in butter or toast it in air fryer for crunch. 



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Looks delicious Garnet. Can't wait for the official "Valentine's day" to change into ..."Love's Day" and not only a day for lovers !.:)

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