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Twin flame

Hey guys. This is my first post here. I am struggling right now. For the last couple years I’ve realized that I am a twin flame. I can not see myself with any other man but this one particular person, he is actually the only guy I truly dated. But two different spiritual/psychics say that he is not my twin flame and we are not destined to be. One spiritual lady that I talk to originally said he was, and now changed her mind. Regardless of the stupid label that I don’t care about. I am in a huge depression like severelyyyyyyy depressed - and I used to be a heroin addict, so getting this low scares me. I have done so much energy work, meditating, watched so many videos from Teal but I still feel like I’m spiraling. I know my soul is connected to his and I just am not able to accept anything else. I don’t know really how to explain it.... I just need help and guidance .. I don’t have anyone to talk to. Please any positive advice would help.. I’m in a dark place and need a friend. Thank you all. Sorry this is my first post. Much love 

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Hi Nicole,

I know how it feels to realize well... that your twin flame isn't a twin flame. 

The fact you feel a bond with him proves nothing but the feelings you still have towards him.

Bonds like this also exist in friendships.

I know what depression and the dark night of the soul are.

Let go of this man because I sense that in best case scenario, what you had was a karmic relationship wich always hurt , are never meant to last and may end up devastating for one, or both partners. If this guy was a psycho like my ex, do not assume he suffers from your breakup. 

He is no match for you.

You just need much much love dear  and to love yourself MORE than any man you could ever meet 




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