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I had an awesome dream last night that fist, we were on earth and then there was catastophic winds and we all had to get of the earth, my family ended up on a flying peice of rock like heaps of other familes out in space, but we had no resorces, I saw a group of people with lots of tied up bags and I asked if I could have some, they said yes but as I was opening one they tried to float away, I kicked there rock and there bags went floatung, I grabbed one and looked inside, it was soil and seeds and I said perferct :) , we have food, so I started looking around our peice of rock after that and was finding vegitation such as wild lettuce and kangaroo paw, which I put in my mouth amd tasted amazing, kangaroo paw is a plant lol, then I was finding old buildings with beer in then lol I brought it back for dad, but I was so happy our rocj had everything we needed on it, I decided to grow my seeds anyways with carrots pumpkin and other ones, just to keep the food source up, and yeah the rest of the dream i was just walking around finding cool thingies, I didnt know how to write a a simplifued, version to find out the meanings so I decied to share on here -u-

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Hm... What this mainly reminds me of is what anonymous has said.  but that's not the only source!  To travel, share knowledge, plant things, live a more modest and fruitful way of life.  Break free from the bonds of the old paradigm that many still are holding tightly on to.  but if we continue to live in this humble way, more will gravitate towards it... specially when it's tangible and that's what our main goal 'should' be.

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