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What does "holding space" even mean?

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What does "holding space" even mean?

I'd like to share an insight I had with you guys.

Before I figured it out for myself, I had no idea what it meant to "hold space" for something. Now that I know, I want to explain it in a way you might understand better.

It was a good day, I was feeling light, energetic, and optimistic, "in alignment" so to speak. One moment, a negative emotion came to me, I forget what exactly it was about. I decided to feel the negative emotion fully, but this time I didn't lose my alignment. I was able to hold two perspectives at the same time. I was simultaneously aware of both the negative emotion and the perspective that was loving and understood it without sacrificing one for the other. I was "holding space" for both the negative and positive perspectives of the state of being. Awareness is not finite or exclusive. Awareness can not be "used up" in the usual sense. It's a bit like your loving awareness is a motherly sort of consciousness cradling the pain consciousness and fully being present with it.

I hope this helps you conceptualize of what it means to hold space for someone, something, an emotion, a perspective, or a state of being. If you have another perspective on what it means to "hold space", I'm open to it.

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