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3am Psychic Dream

I woke up just a few minutes after 2:45am. I had a dream that my friend wanted a psychic reading, and several psychics responded. The symbology includes- numerology: 3,11, 13; tarot xi.; Dragon, fertility. 

I just want to sleep, but I can't. I welcome insight.


Thanks and much love!

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The friend is yourself in the dream, the "psychics" sent you signs through tarot and numbers. That is the feeling I get and I may be wrong. Study the numbers and how they make you feel.

The 3 is considered lucky and 11 is a master number while IDK about 13.

Iam personally and literally  "stalked" by all mirror, reflection and triple angel numbers when looking at the hour. Sometimes scares me (when I don't get the message), sometimes makes me feel...less alone.

Like a reminder that no matter how many people I love I may have lost to the stars, the stars are watching over me.





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I had a dream last night of someone being crushed by a swinging chandelier and his/her gut was split wide open. Later that day on my Twitter feed there was a video of P!nk swinging from a chandelier. Most our dreams don't reveal any big revelations, but every once in a while we get a notable synchronicity from them. Take it with a grain of salt :)


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