Vagus Nerve choc (Fainting)

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Vagus Nerve choc (Fainting)

Hi !

My name is Vae and i'm suffering from Vagus Nerve choc... Well, in other word, i passed out for no physical and medical reasons... pretty often.

Doctors can't help me with this, and i am pretty sure that the reason why i faint sometimes is relate to the fact that i don't feel safe, and so my body shutting down. Maybe ? I don't know, i try to find psychologicaly why.

Well, this makes me really anxious, and, obviously, i have a lot of panic attack because of it. It's like a never ending circle.

I fear of fainting, and then i have a panic attack, and then i faint and i am sick. 

Do someone have informations about this that may help me ?

Thank you a lot :)



I'm french, sorry for the  mistakes.


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