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Hello, I am a teen who has joined this forum

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Hello, I am teen who has joined this forum

Hello everyone. I want to tell my age, but I am scared that everyone under the age of 18 will be automatically banned. Just take my word for it when I say that I am teen.

My journey didn't start here. It started with the channel ''''. I am sure some of you are familiar with that channel. I made a forum account on and a lot of people helped me. I started meditating four months ago, did shamanic breathing sessions for around 10 weeks, started self-inquiry and concentration practice a few weeks ago and I started reading books four months ago. I have read many books already, on psychology, mythology, spirituality  and dating/relationships. I hope I am welcome here. Seeing this forum, you guys are mostly interested in the spiritual stuff.

After having read Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now'' I thought I was done for a while. I just wanted to focus on being present rather than joining new forums, discovering new teachers and reading more books about spirituality. So first thing I did is trying to overcome my loneliness. I bought ''The Anatomy of Loneliness'' and before you know it Teal talks about love. Nothing against Teal, just didn't see it coming.

I am planning to stay on this forum to learn other spiritual techniques and methods. So far I know some stuff about Leo Gura's methods (the guy from, Eckhart Tolle's methods, Wim Hof's methods and now I am engaging in some stuff of Teal Swan. I actually wanted to get more into Osho or Sadhguru, but I guess Teal Swan it is.

Take care.

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On 1/28/2019 at 2:19 AM, Ampresus said:

I am planning to stay on this forum to learn other spiritual techniques and methods

Welcome Ampresus, anything in particular you'd like to know?
I think you'd get more responses if you asked a question or gave your view on something particular. I don't know about anyone else you mentioned above but for Eckhart Tolle's book - but I think many informed people have similarities; it comes down to the way of expressing them and I find Teal's straight forward style much easier to understand with no specialist terminology getting in the way.
Also Teal has practical workbooks that help us all learn and be able to use for self-evaluation - that being the way to realise there is free choice rather than be dictated to by Society or others and feel powerless because of it. That, plus how she is a great proponent of changing society.
Teal's other books are well worth reading as well if you want to fully understand things. Loneliness book encompasses some of the other books techniques and is a great book to have but if you read the others I think you'll benefit from them as highly interesting and illuminating.

Wishing you the best and a great journey.
Crystal Rob

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