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i'm running.. i don't know what from its like its not me there are platforms i jump from to get somewhere i guess. 2 people beside me the guy from the good place the philosophical one about good ad bad. and a child. my mind goes why is the kid here "i took him". the kid "was that right?"  "it's not"  the philosophical guy said. i was saving him. saving him from what? i don't know i look around the red carpet i feel myself bypass it but it leads to a hotel the stairs are not where you think they are there's light hiding the hotel like a wall only when i get to the corner can i see more stairs not that far up is a figure. the kid and the man don't even cross my mind at this point. i see the objective man who is multicoloured and stops me from going up. i go down look behind me there where loads of these multicoloured things following what i thought before was a stair way is now just a path no stairs down traps and things cross the path multicoloured things lying down almost like i made a mess on the way up the stairs i wake up..... lying there for a bit. my hand in a shape of clam shell feel a vibration  with in my hand i listen as much as i can " S.O.S call ... i saved you "it was almost screaming to me there was more words i couldn't understand it fully this woman appeared behind me i said i love you its OK i'm sorry... i felt this warm feeling on the back of my head i did not see this figure for it was behind me. i woke up

only things like this happen only when i sleep

i saw this light house out side my bedroom in a dream lol 

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