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Dads new wife .....hates me

I haven't had a decent relationship with my father for the past 3 years , because of his new wife. She's very jealous and manipulative much like my step mother who's since passed away 10 years ago. I'm at a loss for how to deal with this. My dad tends to brush things off or ignore /deny and hope problems go away with time.  Unfortunately I live in San Diego and he lives in Edmonton Alberta Canada.  Aa far as my aunt his sister told me his new wife answers his text messages so if we text, I don't even know if I'm speaking to him or her. I'm actually really upset with my dad for letting his new gf/ wife. Treat me so badly. (To make a long story short she text my husband insinuated that I was cheating on him and told him to revoke my greencard. While i was visiting my father in Canada. ) this is especially painful because my stepmother who raised me since I was 5 was abusive  and my dad was oblivious. Is this relationship salvageable? Or will the wife continue to get between us? Part of me wants to resolve the issue part of me is extremely angry . 

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I feel your pain my father was a narcissist who never cultivated a relationship with me. Unfortunately, we cannot change people to satisfy our needs.

Third party interference is a symptom of a bigger issue.

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