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This post is dedicated to the topic of astrotheology. For this initial post I have devised a simple schedule for daily practice to venerate the sun, moon, and planets according to their respective Greek counterpart. All the practice entails is a simple offering of incense appropriate to the corresponding day of the week. (A charcoal burner and either resin or powder incense is recommended, but not required.)

Day:                Celestial Body:            Greek god:            Incense:

Monday         the Moon                      Artemis                   powdered frankincense 

Tuesday         Mars                               Ares                         frankincense

Wednesday  Mercury                         Hermes                   frankincense

Thursday       Jupiter                           Zeus                         storax

Friday             Venus                            Aphrodite               myrrh

Saturday        Saturn                            Kronos                    storax

Sunday          the Sun                          Apollo                     powdered frankincense


Note: Hymns for each of the Celestial bodies can be found in the book 'The Orphic Hymns.'


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