How To Figure Out The Cause of my kid`s Illness?

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How To Figure Out The Cause of my kid`s Illness?

Hallo everybody,

I love what Teal teaches about finding the root cause for ailments. It helped me a lot, I have started to communicate with my chronic illness and step by step I am getting better, and I am very hopeful. But a question I am asking myself again and again, without finding an answer is: how to apply this to kids? What can I do about the chronic borreliosis of my 6 year old daughter.... It is not a VERY serious  form of borreliosis... but it just will not go away and I am living with the fear that it might get worse if we do not find the root cause and heal it.   If I only knew how to find out what is the root cause? What her body is trying to communicate to her... or to me? I wish Teal would make a video about the inter-relatedness between kids and parents. concerning ailments... do kids get ailments in order to teach their parents?  Is her ailment connected to my own issues,  and if yes, how? Or is it her own issue? And if yes what can I do to support her?  

Does anybody know something about this? I will be very happy about all suggestion, ideas.... and who is also interested in TEal`s answer to my question, please send in that question for one of the coming Ask Teal episodes.... I have already send it. 

Thanks so much in advance, Daniela 

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