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Walk away or stay?

Where is the line between: this person is draining, toxic, and doesn’t make me feel good so I need to remove them from my life... to... this universe is a mirror — oneness is very real — and I need to stick with this person because if I walk away I’m abandoning a part of myself...


Been feeling very conflicted about this lately. When I was younger I had no problem cutting people out of my life and not looking back... but since discovering oneness and how everyone is a reflection back at me... Would walking away from this relationship just be another form of self abandonment?


Would love to hear from the Teal Tribe. Maybe I’m looking at this completely the wrong way.... Thanks for taking the time to read 😊

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I disagree completely to letting toxic people stay in your life. Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away. I agree that even in toxic relationships there is a reflection or a lesson to learn, but sometimes enough is enough. The Universe will provide you another way to learn the lesson after you walk away. That is my take on it. If it doesn't feel right: Walk away.

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On the one hand:  “Being there” to help a friend is a good thing.   Don’t let a minor misunderstanding ruin a good friendship.

On the other hand: “Saving” a toxic person is something else.  Nobody can rescue someone else.  They can only rescue themselves.  


Recently I have been trying very hard to make sure that i wasn’t letting minor misunderstandings ruin what seemed like a good friendship.  But it was actually the friendship itself that was the misunderstanding.   

If you already know that the relationship is toxic then just let it go.


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