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What to do when plagued by Demons?

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What to do when plagued by Demons?

This is a subject I have not seen discussed yet. I'm really in need of help and I wonder if anyone else is in the same situation or have experienced something similar. The household my siblings and I grew up in had exorcisms preformed in it while we were all children. My eldest brother is more sensitive to the supernatural and was thrown, dragged, clawed, and plagued with horrible dreams when he was a child. We've moved a few states away from the house, but my brother is very traumatized from the experience. He has a heart condition and a very physically straining job. He needs the rest, but he's unable to do so, because every time he drifts off into a deep sleep he's having horrible nightmares. He's going to be 30 years old this year and still isn't free from the terrible experiences he's had in that house. His whole life he's been unable to sleep without the T.V on and has been unable to relax due to fear of what his dreams will be. These dreams seem more evil and demonic than just simply "nightmares". I worry for him and would like him to be free from all of that and he too is welcoming the help. Has anyone else suffered from demonic encounters that have left you mentally and emotionally traumatized to the point where it is effecting you physically? We don't know how to deal with this and are desperate for the help. 

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honestly I've had dreams about being dragged out of bed. turning around seeing this light come through my window thought it was a helicopter and got shot at as i dived out of bed felt very real dreams about waking up. this face to this day scares me. my eyes gradually opening to beautiful pictures things being pulled off my eyes the thought of reality taken down and slid off  train fell down before my eyes i saw in the distance a man with burns it was freddy Kruger  staring right into my face laughing. my eyes were fully open at this point as much as i wanted to confront him my head was awake and i lead back down to close my eyes involuntary hearing him leave the room shutting the door behind him. killed his dog though in another dream this dog would not stop coming at me so i... thinking back on what teal said the dog represented something to me he must of nightmares come to what we are not focusing on but our subconscious is screaming out for us to listen. try meditation. there are things on fearlessness to look into also. sometimes holy water is not good for someone ether bad reactions can happen cus the water is not clean. also fake priests con artists use acidic formulas to give the affect.

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HI Markie Erlinna Jane,

That sounds awful! Some suggestion from someone who admittedly knows little about the subject are...


Find some regular exercise you like doing.

Quit caffeine and any other brain stimulants.

Make sure you have a comfy mattress and relaxing bedroom.

If you're religious then pray.

Go for counselling, psychotherapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a qualified therapist.

Stop paying attention to these subjects online/in books/or anywhere else (if you happen to at present).

Learn how to complete a 'thought record' (a type of self help worksheet which is fantastic at minimizing anxiety).

Talk openly with supportive friends.

And a big one... move away from the area you grew up in (if possible).


Feel free to disregard any of these! Wishing you lots of luck and love from the UK xxx


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I have experience with this.

In the house were I lived as a child there was a earthbound entity (used to be a human). I dont know what they looked like because I can only feel them.

Earthbound means that they cant to away even if they want. So this entity would be on the first floor in the hallway. It could walk through the halway and stand on top of the staires and got to the back of the hallway.

They never really did anything, but because their presence was so strong my mom knew it was there too (there also run some extrasensory abilities through her side of the1 family) and decided to get the neighboor to read some biblical text (my mother is not a christian).

This is where it went wrong: This entity cant go anywhere. Yet they were trying to almost curse it away and treat it as a demon (reason I dont like to call them demons) which made it really angry.

So our house the roof got caught on fire, there came leakages in the house things like that.

At one point my kitten died. Now I dont really belief that it was their fault, but I noticed them looking at me from on top of the staires when I was holding my dying kitten.

I got really angry and told it to stop causing dissastors and go away (The go away you would say to a friend, not a demon). Guess what? No more dissastors. It was still there because it couldnt go away even if it wanted to. Later I met someone who could remove spirits or something and I contacted her and now they are gone from that house.

I also have a other story, but this message is getting really long so to keep it short: Basically I was very lonely and isolated. Barely had any friends and got emotionally abused so one day I tried to summon a entity and lucky me it worked (sarcasm).

This entity would give me nightmares and sexualy assault me. I would have a sleep paralysis and during that it would do things.

It would also molest me while being awake.


I got rid of it multiple times. I basically got to a vibration where I felt really really powerfull and it went away. 

It kept comming back (still is here as we speak. It has been 3 years now) because my vibration isn't naturally that high.

I also feel comfortable getting abuse (have been molest for about 6 month by a family member when I was 10, got almost kidnapped, physically abused sometimes, emotionally abused a lot, bullied) so I would need to clean that up so that my vibration gets higher and we cant be a match to each others anymore.


The first 6 month the enity was here I just went crazy: constantly wanted to kill myself, mental break down after mental break down etc. I got used to it without too much damage because I was already so used to getting abused.


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