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dark image in my childhood

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Today was a strange day for emotions , a bit like a roller coaster . Amongst all my random thoughts today I had a memory from childhood that I had suppressed. I was a sick child with asthma, and one night when I was awake , a large dark figure came into my room through the open doorway. It did not look like any of my parents who often checked on me through out the night. As it came closer I froze, could not move at all and I was very scared. IT lent over me very close as too look at my face but I could see nothing but blackness. It then turned and walked out the door. I can remember it shook me up because I asked my mother if she or Dad checked on me and I told her what had happened. She told me I was dreaming. I have never told anyone of this and I would like to know who or what I was looking at. I have had no other experiences in my life but maybe this is something I need to know. I am worried to ask my spirit self for answers in case this invites my visitor whilst in meditation. I am unsure how to deal with this , can anyone help ? 

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