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Bipolar Disorder or Enlightment?

Hi everybody. I am trying to treat my self taking some sorts of psychodrugs as my mind and my person itself has been described as a 'patient suffering from bipolar syndrom'. It may sound that I am quite angry about it and indeed I am a little, but  just because my false expectation let me think that I was able to live a normal life without any medication. As we all know, acceptance is the first step ad so, this is what I am going to do... follow the therapy, trying to meditate more and so on...  

Whoever is reading my lines could please write his or her reply, as NOW more than ever I feel a little depressed as a consequence of the other 'down' side of the drugs.

Before expreiencing my third spiritual/mystical event I was already conscious of something that was about to happen  in the world.. such as the big blu cloud appearing in the sky some weeks ago in the USA from an elecrtic factory... I have been watching films, reading books, talking to people and for some reasons that I can't really explain ,number 11 was always around me... I started imagining and let's say creating a connection with my sister and my parents, also according to our zodiac signs... many things happened and I m not going to share all of it here for sure. but, if you please know some kind of Spiritual therapists around the world who could reallly help me, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance and lot of love.


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Cultural expectation is generally the biggest problem most of us have. If we have been labeled as different then the expectation is double.

Endeavoring to live by the expectations of others leads us to heartbreak and failure.

We are not expectations but beautiful spirits experiencing life on this planet. We have the opportunity to create any life we choose.

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