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Psychosis and Schitzofrenia

Psychosis and Schitzofrenia   

  1. 1. Have you healed this symtom and if so, how?

    • What do you believe is the main cause of psychosis and Schitzofrenia
    • How to heal it?
    • What are your experience of Psychosis and Schitzofrenia?

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Psychosis and Schitzofrenia

I have had a severe psychosis. It lasted for about 4 1/5 month and it was truly hell - the worst think I can ever think of. My world was completely made up of delitions and I was constantly terrified. It led me to several suecide attempts and I then got involuntary hospitalized. Got medecine and after two month in hospital I was back to reality. Now I want to heal the underlying factors that drove me to this insanity. And I dont want to eat more medecine because it gave me distirbing sideeffects.


what are your experience of psychosis and do you know what thought patterns and what they relate to, that caused it? What was your journey back to a fulfilling life and good health?




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