Seeing nonphisical realm

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Nonphisical realm

Today, 9.1.2019 I was doing my usual meditation routine when I reached the state when I almost went out of body through my 6th Third eye chakra. 

As usual, I started my meditation with saying 3,2,1 in my mind which sends me (my awarness) on my basic psychic level. (This happens so quick because some time before I proggramed/teached myself through a mental excercise to reach this level by saying these numbers. It was a exercise with 3 suns)

So I do this and then I start relaxing my body even more and going even deeper into my psyche; by visually walking myself down the big spiral stairs - each one is one level deeper/higher into my psyche/awarness) until I reach the state of pure awarness.

All this time my eyes are opened and almost instantly I start percieving this nonphisical dimension coming into my vision/awarness. I see energy particles moving around and dancing in vortexes and different shapes and patterns. I even see spirits who look humanly and I see spirits who dont look like humans. I see colors moving around and changing shapes and patterns. I can see blue(the most) and white ofcourse, I can see a bit of purple and red and green and maybe even a bit of yellow. (Its similar to LSD hallucinations except that its getting more clear and I see this all the time, every day a bit more)

I can also see different places (the Earth is not a limit) and different  events happening, between people I dont recognise seeing before.

I am just starting to explore my psyche/this higher states of awarness, so its wonderful to see/to be able to percieve so much of it already.

But today I took myself one level deeper/higher. I almost went out of my body. A counsciousness that I call Diana almost went out of her phisical body. 
But I did not because, honestly, I kinda freaked out and jumped out of bed and ran on the balcony haha its funny to think about it; how I must looked, and also interesting because of the fact that I got so scared. The moment that I felt fear was just after I started hearing kind of buzzing and ringing in my ears accompanied with my astral body vibrating more and more and faster and faster. 

((I usually reach this state  of awarness because of breathing techinque which comes naturally to my body; - big inhale(into belly), and then I hold my breath for as long as I can, before exhaling slowly. It happens that every time I do this I hold my breath a little longer and,which is maybe more interesting, when I exhale, it comes with less and less air coming out of me.))

So we all know that if you stop breathing(die) you go out of your body so I was kinda expecting it sooner or later (to have out of body experience, not to die) , considering my favourite breathing techique for reaching these states of counsciousness/ awarness. 

So I was in this state of pure awarness, I closed my eyes and focused on my third eye vision. I started to percieve a big, very peculiar, very complicated and beautifuly colored vortex/tunnel. I was enjoying in this vision very much because of the beauty and pureness of it, my phisical body was sleeping and my astral body was waking up very fast.

The first moment that I felt fear was just after I started hearing kind of buzzing and ringing in my ears accompanied with my astral body vibrating more and more and faster and faster.
I also started to feel pulling into this vortex , which was kinda happening through the Third eye chakra and maybe even Crown chakra.
In the split second before I jumped I remember thinking: "I cant go into this fairy tail world because of the contrast of it with this mundane surroundings I am used to be in! It would be too much to handle at this moment!'' haha before jumping out of bed xd 😂😂

So the consclusion is that I am stil very much in awe of what I am only starting to percieve, and i have some fear/respect towards it so I dont want to make myself scared out of it and thats why I move on my own pace with it. Its not gonna go anywhere, its always here, within me, within each of us. 🍀 


Does any one else have some similar experiences? I would love to hear it ! 


Much love to all 💜

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This sounds consistent with most out-of-body experiences I have read about.  Good for you.  You seem to have excellent potential for exploring other worlds in addition to this one (where we speak through Teal's internet site).  Your experience will be valuable for yourself and for others.  Don't fear the fear.  Acknowledge it and let it pass.

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