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Franchesca Mochie Mochie

Line of work and personality

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Line of work and personality

Hello, I am looking to find my niche in life. I am considered to have a strong personality...dominate as a female; I don't see it but others do. I am learning to trust my inner self while journeying in this world and I currently work in a profession that I am unhappy with. I decided that I would create and continue generating peace and happiness within myself and bring it to my work. However, I need to find something that brings about effortless joy. I have considered going back to schhol and becoming a college professor of the sciences. Right now I am a nurse amd this job sucks. Open to thoughts and suggestions.

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i used to love my job in a warehouse cus well i worked goods in and unloaded lorries all day. it was good cus we had a team of people that got us through the job ok. then they switched me which i didn't mind so much well i thought i didn't mind but the job they put me on was a vehicle called a llop. i wasn't getting any exercise felt no point to it. doing the repetitive thing over and over  with no social life. wasn't for me. prob wasn't for anyone. but don't trust society voice for yours in what you want to do. we don't see much inspiring things out there cus who would do my old job am i right? anyway i left i'm going to do plastering in college. so that crap i was doing really wasn't the worst thing for me. i learned what i didn't want to do. sometimes the best way to know you don't like doing something is to try it. 

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Effortless joy is a great idea. I think that any job, even if it's what you love to do most of all in the world might at some points feel like work. For example, Abraham Hicks loves teaching people about the law of attraction but she said that sometimes she doesn't feel like getting on the airplane and she has to find a feeling of satisfaction first to feel like going to "work" that day.


So you can find a job you love more than any other job out there but sometimes it might feel like efforting a little. We all get lazy or tired. I think you know that lol.


However, the job we love the most will feel pretty much effortless because we love it that much. Teal says that what you will love doing for a job the most is something that you love so much and you are so passionate about that you would do that job even if you never got paid to do it. So your perfect job is probably a hobby or something you love doing or learning about for fun. You just have to turn that hobby into a business or find someone who is hiring people to do it.


If you don't know what you want to do for a job then you have to ask yourself what do I love and what am I so passionate about that I would do that hobby or thing or job for the rest of my life even if I never got paid to do it because I cannot not do it? What do I just HAVE TO DO for fun on a regular basis to give my life meaning? What gives me the most joy? What am I the most passionate about? Answer those questions and then you've found your perfect job! Then find a way to turn it into a business or find a job like that that already exists. You can also ask yourself what would I do for a living if I had billions and billions of dollars and I don't need to make money and I just want to do this job for fun? The answer to that question will also lead you to your perfect job just like the other questions I mentioned.


And if your perfect job is something that you can't really find anyone hiring for or if it takes you a while to get the money to be able to do that job full time, then find a job that is as close to your perfect job as possible and do that until you can do your ideal job full time. 

Also, I think that your perfect job probably has nothing to do with your personality per se. I mean there are about a million jobs that someone with a dominate personality would be good at just like how there are millions of jobs someone with an introverted personality would be good at because that job requires little social interaction for example. I think where you should focus on is your natural talents. Your perfect job will be something that you are naturally talented in. Teal even says this in her how to get in the flow video on YouTube.


If I'm not good at the law for example, then my highest soul's purpose is not to be a lawyer just because it pays good money! But if I am great at public speaking and art then maybe my perfect job is being a gallery owner because that is where my natural talents lie. Whatever you were born to do will be something you are at least a little naturally talented in. For example, if you love cooking and you are only a little good at cooking but you really want to be a chef more than anything and you love cooking more than anything then I would say that cooking is your perfect job and your calling because talent can grow and you do have a little talent for it. You're not bad at it you know? If you're bad at something it's probably not your calling and it's probably not what you are meant to do for a job. 

So it should be easy for you to figure out what your prefect job would be once you answer those questions above! But if you don't know what you love to do more than anything in the whole world and what you're the most passionate about then that's obviously why you are struggling with figuring out what to do for a job. So you have to figure out what you love to do the most. If you don't know what you love to do then just try jobs that sound like something you might love to do.


Teal says that when you follow your joy and just do whatever brings you joy the perfect job will become OBVIOUS to you. You'll just discover it and you won't be trying to figure out what job you should do. You'll know it when you see it. And when you follow your joy you will figure out a way to make that into a job by starting a business for example or you'll be inspired to apply for jobs that involve what you already love. So just do as many things that bring you joy as possible and the universe will guide you towards more and more things that bring you more joy until you find the thing that you love the most and you will know when you see it that you want to do that for a career. Then just try that job and see how you like it and just keep following your joy as much as possible until you find the perfect job. And you won't be confused about whether or not it's the perfect job once you actually do the job. You'll just know through doing the job and trying it that this is THE right job. You'll just know this is my perfect job.

And remember that if you change your mind and want to do a different job later on that's okay too because we're not meant to only do the same career for our whole lives. What brings us the most joy can change as we get older so just keep going with the job that you think will bring you more joy than the previous job. 

When you figure out what you love the most and what you're passionate about the most and you keep following your joy, Teal says the perfect job will fall into your lap. You'll just know what the perfect job for you would be and you'll just find that perfect job just by trying hobbies and trying jobs that brings you the most joy.

I can tell you that with me I've always loved writing more than anything in the world. So I know that my perfect job is to write fiction all day. But I also need to make money in the meantime until I can write fiction full time! So I am a freelance writer and I write blogs for other people and my own blog and I have other businesses. And I published a book. So all of the things I'm doing to make money in the meantime are as close to my perfect job as I could get because my day jobs involve writing. Once I get enough money from my books, I will mostly write fiction all day! But in the meantime, I'm still writing fiction as much as possible because that's what I love to do more than anything besides writing poetry. But I love my day jobs and blogging too so I will keep doing them but in lesser amounts. And there's lots of other things besides writing fiction that I want to make into "mini-jobs" like I want to do YouTube videos and travel blogging and be a film director someday when I'much older. 


So until you figure out your perfect job you can always do whatever job is the closest to your perfect job to make ends meet until you find a job you love more or until you can do your perfect job full time.


And if you're still not sure if you should go back to school and if you're still not sure what to do for work even after really following your joy and answering those questions, then you've just got to try whatever you think will bring you the most joy. If you think that going back to school will be more of a joyous experience for you then not going back then I would go back to school. And I would study whatever subject I think will bring me the most joy even if I'm not sure about my decision. You can probably find out if you can switch your major later if you change your mind.


I wouldn't study something just to make money though. You can find a way to make money from anything you study in school, even philosophy. Teal studied philosophy in college and now she uses it as a teacher. So any subject is useful. I would pick the subject I think I would love studying the most regardless of how much or how little money I think I can make with that degree because it's an infinite universe and you can make money from doing anything you love when you raise your vibration on the subject of money.


I hope all of this helps! I know I tend to write essays on these forums lol.

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