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meeting my spirit guide

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Hello everyone , I am new to meditation and have found I need to use guided meditation on you tube to get success. I have used these to meet my spirit guide on two occasions , once using Teal's guided meditation .  On this occasion , when I met my guide I could not make out any form or identity but had an overwhelming sense I was meeting another ME . When I asked if there was any thing they had for me, I was handed a new heart. It looked fresh and new and full of life and I sensed it was to replace the one I had .  It was given to me on two open hands and I immediately knew what to do with it and that was to accept wholly.After waking I now feel very invigorated and new, but some of the old hurts are still there but no longer have any importance but to only remind me of what I don't like. On the second time I met with , myself, I met a human figure made up of a bright blue neon light or tubing or even neon lines making the shape of a human. Once again I felt like I was meeting the perfect version of ME . When I asked if there was anything they wanted to give me , I received a most beautiful hug and I could feel the energy fill myself with love and happiness. This was the most loving and tranquil feeling I have ever felt. I am in tears just writing this down now. I feel totally free and loved now. Now for my question , I have none because I now know where and who will answer them. Thank you to all and be gentle with yourselves. 

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