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Spirituality 2.0 and the importance of Non-affirming Negation.

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Spirituality 2.0 and the importance of Non-affirming Negation.

In her video 'Spirituality 2.0,' Teal points out the importance of 'Non-affirming Negation' in regards to understanding spirituality. That is, coming to an understanding of enlightenment by first understanding what it is not. Or rather coming from the perspective of just what it is that we're trying to negate. What it is we're trying to negate is our self-concept. The reason being, this self-concept gets in the way of our direct perception of reality. Therefore, instead of seeing things as they are we see things through the filter of this inherent self-concept.

To give a brief overview of this perspective, many spiritual teachers advise students to first understand what it is that we're trying to negate, then the reason(s) why it can't possibly exist, and finally to come to an understanding of what's left by inference. (Teal gives an overview of this perspective in her video, in her own words.)

This notion is new to me, I didn't need to understand spirituality from this perspective. So, I would call it a bit unnecessary, or convoluted. To me, it's a bit like trying to get people to walk through the door by telling them to turn around and walk backwards. Whereas, I just walked through the f*cking door! (Of course, we can't all be intuitives, lol!) So, from my point of view, I can't see why this perspective is even necessary, i.e., why can't people just learn to walk through the f*cking door face forward like I did?! (So, my take on it is that it's a bit of a crutch.)

However, there are many students out there who say that this approach has been useful to them. Any thoughts on the matter? Has anyone else found this approach to be beneficial to them?

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